THE UPSETTER: The Life & Music of Lee Scratch Perry

If you don’t know who LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY is or what his music is about — “you need to”. He basically began reggae music defining its sound in the late ’60s. He began the career of a young Bob Marley producing many of his biggest hits. Perry’s prolific career includes beginning the sound of DUB music and could argue much electronic music and hip hop as well. He’s an energetic creative force that at times during the 70s, in his home studio “BLACK ARK STUDIOS“, produced and banged out on average, 20 songs a week.

The film follows Perry’s rise through the music scene in Jamaica to the present day where he lives in Switzerland with his wife and children. It tracks him at his highest peaks to the lowest of lows of an artist refusing to compromise- pushing those around him away for what Perry calls “parasites reeling about his consciousness sucking his energy and creativity for profit and fame”.


Following a life of true creativity and focusing his energy on his music rather than a chase at fame and money, is this reason why Lee Scratch Perry will be remembered in musical history while those around him seeking rich and fame will be enjoyably forgotten.


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