Sun is Shining

I’m in Miami where orange M’s and cloudy bedsheets crack and slap shellac screens to scratch hair and whistle to the blues of a wolf howlin’ down to the tear. The monkey clown watches from the VIP in his pj’s made of a trip to Japan and smiles at the Buddhist Brunch from way back.



I call this piece “Ugli”.

It’s about how the Human populations are using up Earth’s natural resources at such a rapid rate that we will require two planets’ worth of supplies in the next 25 years…And how humans have caused the populations of most species, including mammals and fish, to drop by roughly a third from 1990 to 2013. And how pollution, overfishing and forestry activities have caused severe harm to Earth’s natural environments.

I’m selling it for $13,111,876. If your interested in buying it, contact me at