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Hawaii, where leaving tastes like cancelations and time turns into a photo like the day the apples fell and my dandelion wine came up. Clouds are burgundy with quotes waiting to be taken by the hand to join the soy language online, and chewing closes the window on the hallway opening up for you to hold hope. Don’t mind the rain, don’t mind the walk – and leave the lava on the island.



Pour out my lifeline’s wine
Here’s a toast to the ghost that told me that it was all inside my life’s mind
Bang your head against the sky and you can own that
Everything else is just noise, and you can coin that
Turn on, tune in, drop out – do what you want homie
But I’ll still hustle for supper, fuck if the world knows me
Who is this?
The same cat that doesn’t even have a pen to write up a wish list
I’m a creature of the wind, an angel with a blindfold
Shine like the moon on the water, plus my mind’s gone
Life’s a ride, grip to her rails
Write your vows on a rug and pin them on her coattails
Say happy trails, to say the least
Reach now, or forever hold your grief
I’m just a piece of the puzzle, muzzled with puddle that I struggle with
More like an ocean of emotions, still I love this shit


Quoteoftheday: 2.24.12

One of my students in Alaska:

“I loved dancing with Rudi.  First we made a circle.  We had to take turns.  I was center of attention.  I liked the cool music.  Me and Jorens had a dance off.  I won the dance off.  It was the best day of my life.  Rudi did a awesome dance move.  I got 39 high fives.  I think I am famous now.  I was so sweaty but not tired.  I loved it.  So many people said good dance Joey.”



D-Projects in Alaska.

Tonight and tomorrow night you can catch Insanity Isn‘t and Teo Castellanos’ “NE 2nd Ave” at Out North Contemporary Art House.

Insanity Isn’t

Insanity Isn’t is the story of Acey Sickly. While trying to sleep through the American dream, Acey wakes to an American nightmare to find himself plagued by financial burdens, media propaganda, religious beliefs, keeping up with the Jones’, his 9 to 5 and apocalyptic prophecies. B-Boy movements, rhyme, beatbox and live music weave together his journey back to insane sanity.

NE 2nd Ave

The emotional, often humorous one-man play depicts the lives of a Puerto Rican small time drug dealer, a deprived African-American young lady, a Haitian jitney driver, a Cuban-Jewish grandfather, Rasta Man, African American adolescent trying to find his footing in life, a Cuban rafter and a gay man, who each take the audience on a memorable journey through the intense streets of Miami.


Craze Dance

I came to Baltimore this weekend to teach at Craze Dance, thanks to On The Dl and The Rage Box. The kids were great, talented, and inspiring – the teachers the same. It is truly satisfying teaching those who want to learn and give it all to do so. Here is one of the messages I received from one of the dancers there…

Thank you for teaching at “Craze Dance”! I had a lot of fun and got a lot out of the class, I actually felt confident leaving it! =) But I wish we could have had your class more then once. And now I am determined to get those freezes! I am so thankful that I got to meet you and take class from a legend like you. You are an amazing dancer and such a nice person. Please come and teach again soon! Good luck with everything coming up this year, hope to see one of your shows! =)

…Mission accomplished, back to warm Miami tomorrow. Even if its chilly there right now, at least it’s not 25 degrees!