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i’m just wondering — who will survive?

regardless of what petty points you can pet-peeve at, we all live here
the bus driver working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week that i gave my 2 dollars to yesterday
the politicians, soldiers, and rebels
witches, drunks, fuck-ups, drop-outs and quitters
smokers, thieves, liars, fathers and whores
mothers who adore and those that will leave their babies at doors
that plastic face lady who walks her dog daily only to show off something, maybe
that’s just my perception
kids in detention, love without mention
the man who treats everything around himself as an extension – he thinks…

“shit, if i’m surrounded by vegetarians, artists, people who dress thrift, push smart whips, read books like “the new earth” and shop at whole foods, trader joes and ikea; then i too am like that – except me, please – i will do anything for you”

we are all lost and found at the exact same time that never ends, the perfect balance shifting constantly to end all trends
walking oxy-morons talking on walkie talkies texting our lovers that we love them while they sit in the next room wondering if they made the right choice above them
sad sons, delightful daughters
students, scientist, priests and rabbi’s
enemies and allies
those who oppose the prose of the on-going knowing, knowing thy lie
realize, eyes are only there to stare and see past the tangible glares, not for seeing
you can only see with feeling
touch the taste of fate with a face full of faith and bathe in its believing
the ones that say it isn’t real unless your bleeding
the ones that give it all and don’t give up to keep succeeding
it’s sucks we’re leaving
but “only believers in death will die” mr. williams said into the heads when reading
are you with me?
it’s all just a bag of halo’s and horns
the painfully scorned
my mother, brother and seed guiding me thoroughly through the mud of life until i reach that seabord
cause lady life is fuckin sad, and moping around like a girl’s broken heart i didn’t break, but put up with because i’ve fallen, like her – an angel, with bat wings
homeless families and makers of guns
miners and finders of oil who sell it by tons
tattooed tongues, tykes in tanks who are way too young
the HIV league and the some with cancer in lungs
painters of the sun, dancers of the moon
encounters of the third kind, injecters of the womb
i hear you in the music, and use it when i lose it
this is not an opinion, or a plead
but simply a toast, to “the we”

may life, god, jesus, the universe, spirits, aliens, angels, cosmos, planets, demons, electricity, a collective consciousness, buddha, jehovah, santeria, oshun, yemaya, ganesh, osho, the dali llama, thich nhat hanh, conspiracies, ghost, crosses, demi-gods, saints, music, teaching, dancing, painting, instruments, light, darkness, the all, the nothing, or whatever the hell it is you do or dont believe in, guide you there while taking care of you. don’t worry, it’s all just one big forrest with many paths; and if you get lost, trees will be cut down, mountains will be moved, and skies will light up.

happy new years.



Today in Words.

a raspy wake up call
a silly hat and stripes to the heat
a frozen bubba box
a lemon pepper meat fork
a letter to draft
an answering question
a right to pick right or left
a drunk old man’s poetry
windy grass
a purse pillow
sheets and hoodies to the head
a tricker and its wasabi wife
a movie to the beach
a basket of lights
100 dollars
a home for the monkey
a monkey bucking with a chocolate sandwich of stars
plastic mango to the lips
an invitation to be homeless
a much delayed delivery from lego
a mayday maybe for tomorrow’s shake
a bmw’s soothing seatbelt warning
apple and blueberry bottles to join the scent of a deep fried spatula
a wonder to call
a ponder to think
a thought of it all




Sometimes a stranger can be your best friend
Sometimes being angry is the best mood
Sometimes seeing you feel good makes me feel even better
Sometimes hunger is the best food
Sometimes good just ain’t good enough
And other times evil will get you even
Sometimes faith is not knowing any better
Sometimes nothing is what you believe in

Sometimes you fail trying
And sometimes happiness hurts worse
Sometimes people live dying
Sometimes it’s the last person that makes you first
Sometimes you’ll keep what you don’t want
And other times you’ll give away what you really need
Sometimes a rich man won’t have a dollar
And all a poor man has is greed

–Cee Lo Green



Hot water on a platter to lather the bloody spit pool
I’ve shifted, pulled, pushed and prayed for that honeycomb bull
It’s there, it happened
Now I’m clapping with a sad frown
Back down to laugh loud at the fact that I’ve passed that now
It’s in the chest;
cold, curdled, cracked, crooked, and cooking
Laying in bed with a fell asleep head that likes looking
I can feel the smell of her life swirling through her gypsies with all the secrets
I’ve know myself to fall and still I pre-release it
I’m being me though, me means us doing the three-legged race with no latitude
Gravity, please slide me there and show gratitude
It’s all neon like, and that to me seems to be worth sweat
This is my sunrise confession in the middle of the night with no nets.

–Rudi Goblen


Picoftheday:: 11.26.11


Sunshines freeze; moons swim and swirl

Reality’s insanity, sitting at a vanity preparing for the show

There are two girls surrounding her.

One is Love. She’ll snatch you up, put you in her pocket and say, “I will never leave you”, but does the next day

The other one is Luck; she’s beautiful, voluptuous

Wouldn’t you want to meet her?

She’s usually at the Gut of Life looking for a dead ringer

See there is no moral, only an on going quarrel of sewing ripped seams, cause Life is full of “Up’s and Down’s”, but mostly “In Betweens”