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Picoftheday/Quoteoftheday:: 6.7.11

“Life is not a dream. Beware, and beware — and…beware. So many think because THEN happened, NOW isn’t — but didn’t I mention? The ONGOING WOW is happening right now. We are all co-authors of this dancing exuberance, where even our inabilities are having roasts. We are the authors of ourselves, co-authoring a gigantic Dostoyevsky novel starring clowns. This entire thing we’re involved with called the world is an opportunity to exhibit how exciting alien nation could be. Life, is a matter of a miracle, that is collected over time by moments flabbergasted to be in each others presence. The world is an exam — to see if we could rise into the direct experiences. Our eyesight is here as a test to see if we can see beyond it, matter is here as a test for our curiosity, doubt is here as an exam for our vitality.”

Timothy “Speed”¬†Levitch (Strange Gay Guy from Waking Life)