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Rudi; writer, dancer, and actor, is an acclaimed B-Boy, his crew Flipside Kings has toured in and out the country competing in, judging, and winning various events. In 2003, he joined Teo Castellanos’ D-Projects, a collective of culturally trained artist creating provocative contemporary performance. Rudi went on for the next year and a half to build and create D-Project’s first piece, Scratch & Burn, with which he toured with internationally for five years, while receiving most of his theater training during this period as well. Since then, he has gone on to train/work with DV8 Physical Theater, Cirque De Soleil, and become a member of Octavio Campos’ Campostion Hybrid Theater Works, Rosie Herrera’s Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre — and an interactive performance troupe Circ-X. Rudi is also a recipient of the Future Aesthetics Artist Regrant (FAAR) funded by the Ford Foundation in conjunction with the Future Aesthetics Cohort, and has a Miami-Dade Fellow (2012). He is currently teaching and touring in and out the country with his two one-man shows, Insanity Isn’t and Fair Welling, both shows were commissioned by Miami Light Project and the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts for the Here & Now.

See this?

Screenshot 2014-06-10 11.10.03See the cover of this program? See the picture of the hairy, chinky Latino screaming, that kind of looks like a caveman, and kind of like a monkey too?

Well, people think that guy is Cuban, Dominican, Jamaican, Brazilian, or Puerto Rican. He isn’t – he’s Nicaraguan – and that Nicaraguan is me – during a performance of my one-man show PET.

The month of May celebrated the one-year anniversary of that show’s premiere. So, I would like to thank everyone that came out to catch all the shows, and/or supported in any way. I would also like to thank the people that came out to see an excerpt of PET the other weekend, as part of the Design District’s new Site-Specific Performance Series.

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I was told by a very famous blogger/publicist (who doesn’t have a blog……or Facebook), that  I should share more of me and my doings with you. So, here.Screenshot 2014-06-09 13.46.17Thanks to all the people that came out to my lecture on Hip Hop culture over at History Miami the other weekend as part of our Flipside Kings residency there this summer. It was great to see people genuinely interested and willing to learn – as well as fun


Paid In Full (Full Show Stream)

20140129-142126.jpgA couple of weeks back the homies Soarse Spoken and DJ Ynot invited me to come by their radio show, Paid in Full to chat it up a bit about music, theater, carrots, highschool & play some of the new tunes I’ve been working on – as well as some old ones. Here’s the link to the show. Listen, share, and check them out every Wednesday from 6-8 on Klangbox.